ARIETTA crossfeed filter measurements.


The "CORDA ARIETTA" headphone amplifier of the MEIER-AUDIO is equipped with a low level crossfeed filter for relaxing listening by headphones. Below are some measurements of the Meier crossfeeder.

See also audio tests of the headamp here.

The graphs shows measurements like a Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP (bs2b) description.

Crossfeed filter frequency response.

The frequency responses of the crossfeed filter are made by frequency analysis of white noise: one channel signal is for frequency responses of lowpass and highboost filters, mono two channels signal and independent two channels signal is for approximate stereo frequency response.

Crossfeed filter time delay response.

The time delay response of the crossfeed filter are made by analysis of one channel sinusoidal signal.

See also original description of the Meier's crossfeed here.

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