focusrite scarlett 2i4 rmaa test report (wdm vs asio comparison)

the new focusrite scarlett 2i4 usb driver supports 24 bit depth mode by wdm now as like by asio. so, let's try to compare...

driver settings

asio: 24-bit @ 96 kHz; 32 samples of asio buffer.
mme: 24-bit @ 96 kHz; 52% of record level by windows mixer.

balanced 1-st output looped to balanced 1-st input by trs to trs jack cable. rmma mono test. full level monitor output. input with instrument + pad mode. about 10 oclock gain knob. 100% output level by wdm.
Windows 10 x64.
test results

so, the identical knob settings on the device gets no difference between asio and wdm drivers. about latency - need something better than rmaa to compare - rmaa shows 220 ms with wdm and 200 ms with asio.
frequency response
dynamic range
thd (cropped)


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