gibson sgj 2014 inside

this is an investigation of wiring and phasing of the gibson sgj guitar with two humbuckers.

gibson quickconnect(r) board JL 94V-0 in the Gibson SGJ 2014

the red compass tip points to the north pole of magnet. the neck coil with screws has a 4.16 kohm dc resistance, neck slug coil - 3.88 kOhm, bridge slug coil - 3.84 kohm, bridge screw coil - 4.02 kohm. this is 1961 alnico v "classic reborn" pickups with more turns in screw coils.

wiring of bridge and neck sockets on the board are identical. but does not for the tails of the humbuckers.

so that's how it looks about hum cancelling (out of phase for parasite electromagnetic wave) and sound powering (in phase for disturbance of the magnetic field of the magnet by string).

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